D915S - Professional Wirefree Portable Chime with Extender/Converter


Features & Benefits:

  • Stylish white colour – 200m* range 
  • CD quality chime sound 
  • Easy installation – no wiring required
  • Includes portable/wall mounted chime and converter/landscape bell push
  • Choice of 6 chime sounds
  • 6 visual chime icons
  • 3 alert sounds
  • Pre-programmed push to chime and self-learning to avoid interference with neighbours’ chimes
  • Bell push fixings included 
  • Battery included with push
  • Wall mounting fixings included
  • Landscape push can be used to wire an existing wired push to work with the Libra+ wirefree system or extend your exisiting wired chime to include a wirefree chime 
  • Strobe for visual indication for the hard of hearing or loud environments



DOOR CHIME 4 x LR14 (C) Alkaline batteries (not included) 

BELL PUSH 1 x CR2032 Lithium coincell battery (included)



Door Chime: 113 x 40.5 x 143mm

Bell Push:  20 x 35 x 90mm


UNIT BARCODE 5004100219442