Friedland’s wireless alarm is on different wavelength

Sep 29, 2010
Friedland has taken wireless alarm technology one step further with the adoption of a new frequency that is more secure and less prone to interference from other devices. The new Response range of wireless alarm systems operates on the 868MHz frequency, rather than the commonly used and crowded 433MHz that most other alarm systems employ, and so is subject to tighter regulatory restrictions because it is specifically for security products.

The new range also has a higher antenna output that provides a stronger transmission, so enhancing the performance and range from the control unit to the accessories, and providing greater flexibility on where to install devices. Installation is also made simpler by self-learning between components and control units while the solar siren – powered by light – reduces inconvenience of changing batteries.

The Response range uses 20 bit technology that gives it a potential one million house codes – ensuring maximum security with virtually no risk of signal jamming or hacking – and is configured using the G4 protocol owned and developed by Friedland, so it is compatible only with Friedland products.

The range is the latest in Friedland’s successful history of providing wirefree alarm systems that are simple to install and easy to operate. A guide to the Friedland range of products is easily downloaded online from its Web site