Friedland launches new range of Spectra+ PIR detectors for energy-saving outdoor lighting

Jul 18, 2012
Friedland is launching a new Spectra+ range of outdoor lighting and PIR solutions to meet the rising demand for energy-efficient security lighting. Unlike most solutions in the market, the high-end range caters for lights that use electronic ballasts and energy-efficient lighting loads to give end-consumers the option of low-energy PIR devices.
Spectra+ consists of five high specification PIR models that can control a wide range of lighting from 600W fluorescent, 2300W tungsten or halogen to 20x20W compact fluorescent lamps and even LED lamps. There are also wirefree options utilising 868MHz technology, which allows the PIRs to work with Friedland’s leading range of Libra+ Chimes.
By monitoring occupancy of the area, the Spectra+ PIRs use presence detection to automatically switch the light on when someone enters an area, for example a driveway, and switch it off again when the area is vacated – or at a variable time period post-movement. The detectors offer up to 15m detection range, variable detection areas with 1400, 2000 and 3600 options and an adjustable lux level to switch on the lighting at various brightness settings upon movement detection. There are also adjustable sensitivity settings offered on top-of-the-range models, and an optional remote control is available for the wired models which allows convenient switching and set-up of the PIRs.
The IP55 rated products also offer a manual override mode to switch the lighting on or off using an external wall switch.
Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist for Friedland, said: “With traditional filament incandescent bulbs and conventional halogen bulbs being phased out to improve energy efficiency, Spectra+ fills an important gap in the market for PIRs that can control a wide range of lighting, including low-energy loads and electronic ballasts.
“These high-end PIR detectors not only offer this increased functionality, but are also smart in appearance and easy to install. They provide an ideal solution for customers requiring a cost-effective, energy-saving solution to keep homes and properties secure.”
The Spectra+ range is manufactured to ISO 9002 certification with each product undergoing 100 percent electrical and visual testing to ensure reliability and safety.
The product range comes with a two-year guarantee and is available now.