Friedland Plugs the Gap

Jan 14, 2010

Friedland has increased the functionality, versatility and performance of its Libra + wirefree chime products with the launch of a plug-in model offering users a mains-powered alternative to the battery-operated units currently available.

The new chime uses the same operating frequency of 868MHz, its higher antenna output ensuring a much stronger transmission – up to 150m - , and enhancing performance inside the home by reducing the impact of walls and doors. The signal is also less liable to interference from other wirefree products.

Its sleek, stylish design is complemented by its compact size and ease of use. Three identification icons on the chime allow the user to verify the source of the activation - front door, back door, and general alert. In addition an integral flashing operating light is included to support the visual notification provided by the backlit icons. A volume control provides precise setting of the sound level up to 90dB if required while sound quality offers CD-like standards with a choice of three different tones on offer.

Installation and commissioning could not be easier thanks to Friedland’s ‘plug and push’ system whereby the push is pre-programmed to the chime unit and the self-learning facility avoids interference with neighbouring devices.


The Libra+ Plug-in continues the pioneering and popular excellence of the Libra + range and its introduction is entirely in keeping with Friedland’s market-leading position in residential chimes and pushes.