Friedland breaks down walls with 868MHz Libra+ wirefree chimes

May 14, 2010

Friedland has delivered another step-change in wire-free chimes with the introduction of Libra+ – a stylish, state of the art range that greatly enhances the functionality, versatility and performance of the highly popular and pioneering Libra.

The first, and most significant, development is the introduction of a new operating frequency of 868MHz. 868MHz is effectively a ‘professional’ quality frequency that that ensures a good transmission signal, enhancing propagation inside and around the home, reducing the impact of walls and doors; and effectively removing the possibility of interference from other wirefree systems. Furthermore, Friedland has future-proofed Libra+ by introducing a high degree of modular integration; whereby the system can be incorporated – subject to accessories and range extensions – into security lighting, door and motion sensors, and alert systems.

Chime units, in an aesthetic, contemporary silver/smoke finish, are available in two specifications – Classic and Professional – with operating ranges of 100m and 200m respectively. New features on the chime unit include push identification icons – activated aurally and visually – and a convenient analogue rotary volume control. The volume control provides precise setting of levels up to 90dB if required; and sound output has been improved to CD-quality standards. Up to six chime sounds and three alert sounds can be programmed.

The six identification icons on the chime allow the user to verify the source of the activation including the front door, back door, pir detector, telephone or pager; and a bright flashing operating light is included, beyond the visual notification provided by the backlit icons.

Installation and commissioning could not be easier thanks to Friedland’s ‘plug and push’ system whereby the push is pre-programmed to the chime unit and the self-learning facility avoids interference with neighbouring devices. Units can be either wall-mounted or free-standing; and have effective operating temperatures of 0 to 400 C.

Pushes are available in traditional white and silver/ black portrait options. Furthermore, and an industry first, Friedland has overcome the transmission issues associated with metal finish and now uniquely also offers black/ brass and black/ chrome finishes. Landscape push alternatives are also available – ideal for flats or those seeking personalised nameplated versions – and can be used, thanks to an integrated extender converter, to upgrade current installations either by wiring an existing wired-push to work with the Libra+ wirefree system or by extending an existing wired chime to include a wirefree chime.

A number of additional pushes are available either to extend the system by installing a second push at the back door for example or if a different decorative style is required. All are IP55 rated, are fitted with an LED confidence light and will operate in temperatures from -10 to 400 C.

Libra+ takes the pioneering and popular excellence of Libra, and pushes wirefree chime technology to a new level. An introduction entirely in keeping with Friedland’s market-leading position in chimes; Libra+ will be supplemented by a host of range additions and enhancements in the months to come.