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SL5 - Premium Wireless Telecommunicating Alarm System

An alarm system which allows you multi-zone control and will contact you if the alarm system is activated. It can contact up to 4 different telephone numbers. Ideal for medium or large homes.
868MHz is one of the most secure frequencies for alarms systems – it gives 1 million unique codes compared to 250 from a 433Mhz, reducing the chance of interference, signal jamming and hacking from other devices
Solar siren uses daylight to maintain battery charge – reduces the need to buy expensive non-chargeable batteries. It sounds a 95dbA (from 1 metre) alarm once activated by system. The solar siren is not available separately but a dummy solar siren is sold separately.​​​​​​​
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 Features and Benefits

  • Dials up to 4 numbers when alarm system is activated​
  • Suitable for the larger home
  • Self-learning accessories for fast and easy installation
  • Advanced 868MHz technology
  • Energy saving Solar-powered Siren
  • Remote control with panic button
  • 125m range

 The SL5 Kit Contains:

  • ​1 x Solar Siren with LED indicators
  • 2 x PIR Movement Detectors
  • 2 x Door/Window Contacts
  • 1 x LCD Control Panel
  • 1 x Dummy Siren
  • Batteries, fixings, instruction manual
  • Installation DVD

 Additional Accessories