Premium Wireless Alarm Kits

All wireless alarm systems operate by sending signals across radio frequencies, commonly the crowded 433MHz frequency. Friedland Response Premium Wireless Alarm Kits use the more secure 868MHz frequency that is less prone to interference from other devices than systems operating on 433MHz. The higher antenna output provides a stronger transmission, enhancing the performance and range from the control unit to the accessories.

 Features and Benefits

  • ​Improved range between control unit and accessories, providing greater flexibility on where to install devices
  • 20-bit technology gives 1 million house codes - maximum security virtually eliminating risk of signal jamming or hacking
  • G4 is a unique protocol owned and developed by Friedland - compatible only with Friedland products
  • Self-learning between components and control units means faster and easier installation without dip switches
  • Tighter regulatory restrictions for the 868MHz band than those for the 433MHz band, specifically for security and alerting products
  • Solar Siren powered by light reduces inconvenience of changing batteries